“He aupuni palapala koʻu.”

Mine will be a kingdom of literacy.
King Kamehameha III

Continuing the Vision

King Kamehameha III of Hawaii uttered this statement in the mid-19th century, emphasizing the importance of education and literacy in his reign. At the time, Hawaii was undergoing significant changes, including the adoption of a constitutional monarchy and efforts to modernize the kingdom.

By declaring “He aupuni palapala koʻu,” King Kamehameha III highlighted his commitment to education and the written word as essential tools for progress and governance. The phrase reflects a recognition of the value of literacy in a rapidly changing world and a desire to empower the people of Hawaii through knowledge and education.

We want to continue and perpetuate the vision of Kauikeaouli for our people in Hawaii in the 21st Century.

Opportunities and Enhancements

This emphasis on literacy carried numerous benefits for the kingdom. It empowered the people by providing them with the skills to engage in civic life, contributing to a more informed and participatory citizenry. Additionally, a literate population enhanced administrative efficiency, economic development, and cultural preservation. It facilitated effective communication, diplomacy, and the establishment of a legal system, positioning Hawaii as a modern and progressive society. Moreover, the promotion of literacy laid the foundation for a formal education system, fostering structured learning opportunities for the people of Hawaii and contributing to the overall development and prosperity of the kingdom.

The Purpose of DRH

The purpose of Digital Ready Hawaii is to continue the vision of Kauikeaouli with a digital emphasis. Digital literacy is to modern Hawaii what reading was to the nation in the 19th century. Adding digital literacy to the emphasis on traditional literacy would provide a modern update to King Kamehameha III’s vision for the Kingdom of Hawaii. Digital literacy encompasses the skills and knowledge required to effectively use digital devices, applications, and the internet.