Take the Digital Literacy Challenge!

Are you ready for the digital world? Take these short, basic  assessments and check. Our goal is that 100% of Hawaii has the skills and knowledge to pass these basic tests. 

Steps to Take the Test

Super easy to do. There are three assessments we want everyone in Hawaii to pass. 

1. Basic Computer Skills
2. Internet Basics
3. Using Email

Here are the steps to take the tests.

1. Click on the link below: 

This link takes you to the Northstar Digital Literacy website. All you need to do is fill in your First Name and Last Name in the spaces for each. 
Then click the "continue" button. 

2. Select the assessments you want to take 

Click on "Basic Computer Skills" and follow the directions on the screen.

The test takes approximately 10 minutes.

When you complete that one you can take the remaining two, "Internet Basics" and "Using Email." 

Feel free to check your skills and knowledge on the other assessments. They're all FREE!