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What's it about and who's it for

Learn computer basics

In one, 3-hour class, gain confidence in using a computer, connecting to the internet, and communicating with email. The sessions are for people who have little to no computer experience. If you are not sure how to even turn your computer on this class is for you. 

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Small Class Size

Classes are small for two reasons: First, to maintain the necessary social distance. Second, to help you learn better and provide your with more attention to your needs.

Printed Materials

Handouts are used throughout the class to help you learn and take notes and are yours to take home. 

3 Hours

The class is short. Just one, three hour class where you can gain enough confidence to continue learning via the online learning site at Northstar Digital Literacy.

Three Hours, Three Topics -- Lots of confidence!

Intro to Computers

  • Identifying different types and parts of a computer
  • Using a mouse and keyboard
  • Powering on the system unit and monitor

Navigating the Web

  • Using a web "browser"
  • Inputting the correct address 
  • Moving backwards, forwards, and refreshing
  • Recognizing advertisements
  • Common website structure


  • Differences between web and email addresses
  • Setting up your own email account
  • Creating a professional email address
  • Selecting a safe password

Contact Information

Find us here: 830 Punchbowl St # 417, Honolulu, Hawaii 96813


Phone: 808-586-8630